Yusei Fudo are shown to be a pal to one another Leo and you can Luna

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Yusei Fudo are shown to be a pal to one another Leo and you can Luna

Leo has shown solid protectiveness and you will jealousy an individual flirts with their aunt, otherwise whenever she reveals close demand for someone (especially in japan variation). [9] Following battle with Z-that, Leo blushes upon viewing Luna from inside the this new dresses, leaving comments to them when you are turning aside and you can smiling (and being significantly flustered). [16]

Yusei Fudo

Leo looks doing him since greatest Duelist they have actually understood. Yusei gave Leo many resources regarding duelling and also determined Leo to be in addition to this. This might be viewed immediately after Leo face up against Devack, that inside Duel Yusei notices you to definitely Leo try duelling so much more meticulously, comprehending that he has got altered and you will grown since their basic Duel. [17] Due to this, following Duel ends, Yusei congratulates and you can informs Leo he performed better. [18]

Jack Atlas

From inside the event 13, Leo are shown to have respect for Jack Atlas ever since new second reigned because the King. He has figurines of Jack with his “Red-colored Dragon Archfiend”, the good news is thinks about Yusei given that ideal Duelist adopting the Chance Cup, far to help you Jack’s irritation. Even in the event he does genuinely believe that, Leo is passionate because of the Jack to be a great Duelist. During the Duel up against Aporia, Jack notices new stuff on Leo and you can mentioned that Leo do manage anyone no matter what though it means stopping his lifestyle. [8] Although not seen excess, Jack has shown matter to own Leo, since an adult pal, and you may informs Leo to prevent call it quits assaulting (which happens when Aporia attempts to score Leo to give up, incase Leo passes away from Aporia’s assault if you will). [7]

Akiza Izinski

Leo looks to Akiza Izinski since a good Duelist, even when she ran lower than the girl alias, the new “Black Rose”. Even though he was a little afraid of the lady, the guy still admired this lady show. The guy would like to end up being ranked on top of his group such as she actually is. The guy together with relied on the woman to stand right up because of their right to help you Duel in Duel Academy. [19] The guy usually describes the lady as “Big Sister Aki”, features higher respect and you will fascination with their like a sister. (Japanese type merely). [20] [21]

Bob and you will Dexter

Bob and you may Dexter is Leo’s family members, when he can be seen to hold away with these people at Duel Academy (and has now known Dexter just before he came across Yusei). [19] [9] [22]


Such as the other members of Party 5D’s, he spotted Aporia as an enemy. Prior to Aporia looked for the first time Leo already had a specific grudge to your their embodiment Lester. Inside Duel regarding the Divine Temple, Aporia constantly triggered Leo to feel despair because of the attacking Jack and you will Luna, but rather, Leo answered from the fighting fearlessly and you can passed away for a moment, then again are revived as good Signer, sufficient reason for Jack and Luna, the guy suggests Aporia pledge. [7] [8] During Aporia’s Duel up against Z-one, Leo exhibited regard towards the Aporia and you can are constantly worried when he got hurt. Whenever Aporia died, Leo was proven to be sadder than simply other people, then angrily scolded Z-you to to possess killing your. Prior to Aporia Dueled Z-one he advised Leo which he saw brand new vow that he possessed within your, and therefore hope are the very same you to definitely Aporia ended up being looking to. [10] [23]

Leo try a predetermined Fire indication influenced from the Sunrays. While the 5th check in the zodiac, new Leo individual is ambitious, confident, separate, devoted and you may reasonable. These are magnetic and you may influential people who are especially in its feature when they have a keen appreciative audience. Famous Leos include Mick Jagger (July twenty six), Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (July 28) Martha Stewart (August step three), and Costs Clinton (August 19). Leo is believed from just like the an effective “royal” indication using their icon, brand new lion otherwise king of your own forest, that will be wise and you may understated, even when that it really element of the personality can get subject them to be somewhat vain and you may overbearing.